Florina Georgia Petrescu


Principal II

Sponsor: Richard & Lorayne Otto

As a passionate violinist since the age of seven, Florina has dedicated her life to the art of music. Originally from Bucharest, Romania, Florina embarked on her musical journey at "Dinu Lipatti" Music High School at the age of nine. Her talent and dedication led her to pursue higher education at the National University of Music Bucharest, where she earned both a bachelor's degree in violin performance and a master's degree in chamber music - violin performance.

After graduating from University, Florina realized that the busy city life was interfering with their creative nature. Seeking a more serene environment, she decided to move to Transylvania, Romania, where she secured a position with Sibiu State Philharmonic where she was hired for the next 5 years. However, the presence of numerous vampires in the region prompted her to seek a new home in Michigan, USA, where she moved in 2014. Of course, the mention of vampires was meant in jest, adding a touch of humor to Florina’s relocation story. Or it wasn’t?

Florina's orchestral and chamber music experience is extensive including performances with ensembles such as the Dorin Teodorescu Chamber Ensemble of National Theatre House in Bucharest, the Romanian Youth Orchestra, Vox Opera, The Musical Theater “Nae Leonard” Galati, Sibiu State Philharmonic, Intermezzo Quartet and Magic Quartet.  Since 2015, Florina has been a prominent figure in Michigan’s music scene. She began playing with some of the best orchestras in Michigan including Detroit Opera, Saginaw Symphony, International Symphony, Flint Symphony Orchestra, Oakland Symphony Orchestra, Rochester Symphony, and Lansing Symphony. She was welcomed as a member of the Lansing Symphony in 2017.

Professionally, Florina has engaged in remarkable collaborations, including touring with Vox Opera throughout Austria, Germany, Belgium, and Luxembourg, with The Musical Theater “Nae Leonard” to Netherlands, and joining the Sibiu Philharmonic on a tour across France.

Florina has also served as a teaching artist for Kennedy Center Partners in Education, promoting arts integration for Ingham County, Michigan, and is the proud owner of Florys Music Studio, where she shares her passion for the violin with aspiring musicians.

Additionally,  has had the privilege of studying under the guidance of David Taylor, assistant concertmaster of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, further enriching their musical expertise.

Florina’s musical journey extends beyond classical orchestral and chamber music performances. Back in Romania, Florina showcased her versatility and passion by collaborating with Rock bands and Irish bands. (Aeternum Band, Bucium Band and Tagma Band). Her rock band, Tagma, reached a high point when they won both the first and second prizes at Romania’s prestigious Posada Rock Festival. Coupled with her performance, she took the roles of composing her violin and piano parts, as well as crafting the lyrics for the band’s songs.

Moreover, she has been recognized with numerous prizes and awards, including first prize in the Violin National Competition, Bucharest, a special prize in the National Contest of Violin Interpretation, Dumitru Motatu, Romania, and third place in the Music National Competition in Baia Mare, Romania.

Currently, Florina is actively pursuing a practitioner's certificate from the Academy of Modern Applied Psychology in Neurolinguistic Programming and Cognitive Behavior Therapy, further expanding their expertise and enhancing their ability to positively impact others through music and psychology. She is currently in the process of launching her own Online Violin Academy.

With each performance, Florina continues to enchant listeners with her profound musical expression, solidifying their reputation as one of Michigan's foremost violinists. Through their unwavering dedication to their craft and their commitment to personal growth, Florina embodies the timeless allure and transformative power of music.

“Someone once asked me what I feel when I play. I can’t explain in words because I go into another realm where words do not exist. It’s a place where my heard finds resonance and my spirit soars freely” - Florina