LSO at the Robin Theatre

LSO at the Robin Theatre: "Planet Earth"

LSO Robin Sold Out
The Robin Theatre (1105 S. Washington Avenue, Lansing, MI 48910)

In honor of Earth Day, this concert will focus on music inspired by the natural world and its conservation. The program features Ji Hyun Kim (violin), Sarah Patterson (violin), Christine Beamer (viola), Jinhyun Kim (cello), and Emily Henley (harp). Tickets are $20 and general admission. LSO at the Robin Theatre is made possible with support from the Sam & Mary Austin Fund for New Music at the Lansing Symphony.


Timothy Muffitt

The Wilderness Anthology

Patrick Harlin


Audrey Kelley

In a Landscape

John Cage

Ocean's Call

Dan Temkin

Plucked from the Sea (2021)

Kiara Glekler

Dance Lessons (2014)

Victor Marquez-Barrios

Orbit (2013)

Philip Glass

Bird, Bird, Blue Bird (2005)

Han-Ki Kim

Bounce (2021)

Brett Mullins

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