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Tables of Note

Below are pictures from the first annual Tables of Note, which was held Friday, February 9, 2007 at Walnut Hills Country Club. This year, Tables of Note was held Friday, February 8, 2008, once again at Walnut Hills Country Club ... check back for pictures from this year's event!

07-9030_7469.JPG   07-9030_0060.JPG

07-9030_7433.JPG   07-9030_7393.JPG

07-9030_7456.JPG  07-9030_7415.JPG  07-9030_7360.JPG

07-9030_7356.JPG   07-9030_7432.JPG

07-9030_0103.JPG   07-9030_0086.JPG

07-9030_7419.JPG   07-9030_7473.JPG

07-9030_0024.JPG   07-9030_7386.JPG

07-9030_7396.JPG   07-9030_0016.JPG

07-9030_0011.JPG   07-9030_0098.JPG

07-9030_0085.JPG   07-9030_7350.JPG